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Drama - Surfing

Cast : Matt Beacham, Greg Carlson, Angel Cruz

High School senior Luke Harris (Justin Schwan) dreams of just one thing… pro surfing. With his best friend Casey (Angel Cruz) at his side, they have two goals: surf and party! But Luke’s Mom (Raquel Gardner) and especially Dad (Greg Carlson) have other ideas: pick a college and grow up! When Luke learns that a spot is opening up on the local surf team, he see’s his big chance to prove to his parents that he can make it as a surfer and avoid being shipped off to school. Only two things stand in Luke’s way: new-surfer-in-town Matt (Andy Shephard) who has his own eyes set on the surf team opening, and his Dad, who insists he give up his surfing dreams and get an education. When a devastating tragedy strikes, Luke is forced to take a hard look at his life and with the help of beautiful “church-girl” Emily (Kelsey Sanders) and his Youth Pastor (Danny Smith), he learns that there’s much more to life than riding waves.

Bear It

Drama - Romance Cast : Dylan Kuo, Alice Ke, Ting Chiang, Tou Chung-Hua

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The Moon That Embraces the Sun

Romance - fantasy - period

4 Disc

Cast : Kim Soo Hyun, Yeo Jin Goo, Han Ga In, Kim Yoo Jung

“The Moon Embracing The Sun” adalah drama fantasi sejarah (sageuk) dengan latar zaman Dinasti Joseon. Pangeran Lee Hwon (Kim Soo Hyun) dan saudara tirinya, Pangeran Yang Myung (Jung Il Woo) jatuh cinta pada gadis yang sama, seorang dukun bernama Wol (Han Ga In). Wol, yang nama aslinya adalah Yeon Woo, adalah seorang putri mahkota dari sebuah keluarga kaya yang bertunangan dengan Pangeran Lee Hwon. Wol dijebak dan “dieksekusi” oleh mereka yang cemburu dan takut akan kecantikan dan kecerdasannya —

I’m Not Jesus Mommy

Drama - Sci-Fi - Thriller

Cast : Charles Hubbell, Bridget McGrath and Joseph Andrew Schneider

Kimberly would stop at nothing to have a child of her own. After recovering from cancer her possibilities seemed slim. However, the world’s first successful human cloning project brings an unthinkable solution and a son named David. Seven years after David’s birth, wars, famine and natural disasters of every kinds have plagued the Earth. As Kimberly struggles to survive her biggest challenge is raising her son. Strange occurrences surrounding the young boy are only becoming worse and more mysterious. Roger, the head researcher of the cloning project returns to reveal that David was cloned from DNA taken from the Shroud of Turin…from blood of Christ. Has cloning made it possible to bring Christ back? Is David the Second Coming of Christ or something else?

History of the Salaryman


4 Disc

Cast : Lee Bum Soo, Jung Ryu Won, Jung Gyu Woon, Hong Soo Hyun

kisah seorang lelaki yang mengalami kesengsaraan dan cobaan, dari awal yang sederhana untuk bisa sukses.
Drama ini menggambarkan kesepian, isolasi, perjuangan, kesedihan, harapan, dan keberhasilan dalam penggambaran yang realistis.

Dream High 2

School - musical - comedy - romance

4 Disc

Cast : Kang So Ra, Jin Woon, Yoo So Young, Kim Ji Soo, Jung Yeon Joo

Shin Hye Sung adalah seorang gadis ceria yang bersusah payah saat tes masuk Kirin dan bermimpi untuk menjadi penyanyi. Namun sayang di otaknya hanyalah teori, teori dan teori pada kenyataannya dia tidak bisa bernyanyi. Hye Sung adalah fans fanatik Eden, terutama JB. Hye Sung tentu senang bukan main saat tau dia akan 1 sekolah sekaligus 1 asrama dengan JB. Hye Sung sering terlibat pertengkaran dengan Yoo Jin, seseorang yang sangat bertalenta dalam bidang musik dan bermimpi menjadi penyanyi rock namun sayangnya Yoo Jin tidak bisa mengontrol emosinya sehingga mudah sekali marah apalagi jika berhubungan dengan rivalnya yaitu JB. Yoo Jin selalu memandang remeh artis-artis OZ Ent. Dan Hye Sung selalu memihak JB, itulah yang membuat Yoo Jin kesal pada Hye Sung

A Step into the Past

Historical Fiction - Adventure

8 Disc

Cast : Louis Koo, Kwong Wa, Jessica Hsuan, Sonija Kwok, Raymond Lam, Joyce Tang, Michelle Saram, Waise Lee, Eileen Yeow, Sicney Yim, Kwok Fung

Hong Siu-lung is a 21st century VIPPU special agent in Hong Kong. In the first episode, Hong and his colleagues stand guard at an exhibition of the First Emperor’s Terracotta Army. One of Hong’s colleagues notices that one of the terracotta warriors bears a striking resemblance to Hong. Moments later, wealthy businessman Lee Siu-chiu is attacked and held hostage at the museum by a madman who had suffered losses in the stock market. Hong rescues Lee and defuses the crisis

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Happy Michelin Kitchen

Romance - Drama

5 Disc

Cast : Blue Lan, Yang Jin Hua, Ying Er, Wu Jian Fei, Ying Er, Li Zhi Nan
Story is about this rich young guy (Blue) who is the successor to some food conglomerate or something. His mom feigns death in an attempt to test his fiance’s faithfulness as well as to make him grow up from his flippant ways. However all thisSwas a ploy by his uncle (not sure if the man is his uncle or some trusted employee) to take over the company. Blue was thrown out of his house/company and taken in by Cheryl’s boss to work in the restaurant and stay with them. She also bumped into his mom on the street and visited her everyday to learn cooking from her, unaware of her real identity. Yi Feng is Blue’s friend who tried to help him get back into the company. All along Blue thought that Cheryl was a guy until the Bathroom incident. Whist coming up with creative Taiwanese dishes, they fell in love (I guess?). She had carried a torch for him all along it seems.

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Ru Yi

Family Feud - Republican Era Romance - Revenge

6 Disc

Cast : Yang Mi, Hawick Lau, Zhu Yongteng, Liu Xuehua

Madam Tan, the principal wife of a wealthy merchant,feels the intense pressure to bear a male heir for the Tan clan. Otherwise, her status in the Tan household will be severely undermined by a concubine and her son. When she gives birth to a daughter, she orders her personal maid to bring back a baby boy to switch with her daughter and raise as her own. Her biological daughter gets adopted by a impoverished tea farmer and is named Ru Yi. To her dismay, Madam Tan’s surrogate son falls in love with this “lowly tea girl,” Ru Yi.

Sword of Desperation

Action - History

Cast : Etsushi Toyokawa, Chizuru Ikewaki, Kôji Kikkawa

A talented but troubled Edo Period swordsman, Kanemi Sanzawmon. Three years earlier, Kanemi killed a woman, Renko, the corrupt mistress of the powerful daimyo Tabu Ukyou. Unexpectedly, Kanemi received a lenient sentence for his crime and is allowed to return to his clan after only one year of imprisonment. Following his return, Kanemi is faced with the death of his wife, Mutsue. Thereafter, Kanemi lives with and cares for his wife’s niece, Satoo, who has secret affections for Kanemi and expresses them by helping change his bleak outlook on life. Meanwhile, Kanemi’s develops his unique “bird-catching” sword technique which he will soon put to test in battle for the first time against the fearsome swordsman, Hayatonosho Obiya.

Turning Point 2/laughing gor


Cast : Michael Tse, Francis Ng, Chapman To

owards the end of TVB series, Lives of Omission <潛行狙擊>, “Laughing Gor” Michael Tse was sentenced to life imprisonment after murdering Bosco Wong’s (黃宗澤) character. In prison, Laughing met Francis Ng (吳鎮宇), a university professor imprisoned for drug possession. Despite the professor’s gentle and aloof exterior, he was a vicious, cold-blooded criminal. Furthermore, the professor was a criminal psychologist able to discern other people’s inner secrets and dark side. Due to such abilities, the professor was able to silently control others.

At this time, a mysterious woman, who worked for high level Security Police unit, visited Laughing in prison. Laughing’s imprisonment was spurred by his role in an undercover assignment. It turned out that another person was responsible for Bosco Wong’s death. Suspecting that the incident involved a corrupt police force, the Deputy Secretary for Security Police assigned Laughing to investigate the case while posing as an inmate.

Bang! Bang! Formosa


Cast : Pon Chia Chia, Renee Yuan Xin-yu, Tammy Chen Yi-rong, Zhao Li-xin

Tan Yan-fei (譚豔妃), an affluent young woman from Shanghai, comes to Taiwan for her graduation trip, leaving her corporate executive father at home to fret about her safety. Upon her arrival, however, she is kidnapped and thrown into the trunk of a car.

Pon (澎仔), a middle-aged cop stationed at Taiwan’s southern tip, accidentally discovers her while chasing down auto thieves. After overcoming their initial language barrier and sorting out Tan’s identity with the help of colleagues, Pon takes on a mission to escort Tan to the airport to fly back to Shanghai and reunite with her father. Tan, however, brings Pon more trouble than he expects because she is super-excited by everything she sees and is in no hurry to go home. Pon’s own daughter, meanwhile, is working abroad as a model in a fashion photo shoot.

Mystery in the Palace

Suspense - period drama - palace politics

6 Disc

Cast : Gan Ting Ting, Kevin Cheng, Michelle Yim, Liu Ting Yu, Zhang Dan Feng, Catherine Hung

A drama about the court conspiracies and politics between the royal wives, princes, and officials during the reign of Kang Xi.
When Princess Yi Dan fell with her brother, Emperor Kang Xi, in a night of passion, she left the palace out of remorse and guilt. She gave birth to Han Xiang and was murdered by a mastermind. Han Xiang grew up and entered the palace as a maid in search of her roots and her mother’s murderer. There, she became entangled in the palace’s conflicts and competition. Prince Ge Tai falls in love with her and, despite the taboo it might implicate, Han Xiang can’t help but reciprocate his love.

Scheme With Me

Action - Adventure - Comedy

Cast : Richie Ren

The Lawyers of The Great Republic Korea

Comedy - Romance

4 Disc

Cast : Lee Sung Jae, Lee Soo Kyung, Ryu Soo Young, Han Eun Jung

Drama ini Mengisahkan Tentang Han Min Gook ( Lee Sung Jae )dan Lee Ae Ri (Han Eun Jung)yang sedang mengalami proses perceraian. Han Min Gook adalah sosok seorang Miliuner yang sukses di dunia saham. Sedangkan Lee Ae Ri adalah istri dari Han Min Gook , Top artis yang sedang menuntut uang harta gono gini sbesar 100 milyar padanya .
Karena Han Min Gook Sosok yang Cinta akan uang. Bukan hal yang mudah untuk mendapat harta gono gini dari nya maka Lee Ae Ri menggandeng Pengacara top di bidang perceraian yaitu Byun Hyuk (Ryu Soo Young). Han Min Gook kebingungan lha dia. karena blum mempunyai pengacara yang tepat untuk mengurusi hal ini. Setelah pikir pikir panjang akhirnya dapat lha seorang Pengacara wanita yang bernama Woo Lee Kyung (Lee Soo Kyung). Siapakah Woo lee Kyung itu ?

Chinese Traditional Magic

Period Drama - Magic

7 Disc

Cast : Wei Zi, Yu Shao Qun, Stephy Tang, Zhang Hong Rui, Lu Chen

Toward the end of the Qing dynasty, thousands of years of traditional Chinese magic had developed into 3 main factions. Japanese magicians infiltrated in Tianjin used murder and bribery to incite conflict among these factions in order to obtain a magic repository that had been circulating for over a millennium.



Cast : Suthep Po-ngam

Chan, a senior monk, tells a story about his past how a group of bandits robbed his house and raped his wife so he decided to become an outlaw himself. His notoriety made him a wanted man and he decided to hide in the forest where he met a wandering monk and decided to surrender all his loot. But the monk was then found savagely murdered and the loot stolen. Who was the culprit?

Let it Be Love (4 in Love)

4 Disc

Cast : Moses Chan, Charmaine Sheh, Kenny Wong, Elvina Kong, Rachel Kan, King Kong, Tracy Ip, Wai Kar Hung, Florence Kwok, Patrick Dunn

The series will be about hot topics in the entertainment industry (e.g., stars and the media complementing one another in creating news).

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Wild Romance

Romance - Comedy

4 Disc

Cast : Lee Dong Wook, Lee Si Young, Kang Dong Ho, Oh Man Suk

rama ini menceritakan kisah cinta antara seorang pemain bisbol dan seorang penjaga wanita yang merupakan mantan atlet judo.

Semuanya dimulai pada hari ulang tahun ayah Eunjae. Eunjae bertengkar dengan Park Muyeol, yang pemain dari ‘Green Dreamers’, ketika dia mabuk. Eungjae yang merupakan penggemar ‘Blue Seagulls’, mulai bertengkar dengan Muyeol yang memimpin ‘Green Dreamers’ untuk kemenangan.

Hari berikutnya, internet dihebohkan dengan video berjudul ‘Humiliated Park Muyeol’ yang merupakan video pertengkaran mereka. Karena video ini, nama baik Muyeol dan karir Eunjae, yang baru-baru ini mendapat pekerjaan sebagai pengawal, berada dalam bahaya. Pada akhirnya, mereka memutuskan menggunakan video tersebut untuk melawan opini publik! Mereka berbohong bahwa Eunjae adalah pengawal pribadi Muyeol dan video itu direkam saat Eunjae sedang memberikan demonstrasi pertahanan diri untuk Muyeol.

Fermentation Family

Family - melodrama - romance

5 Disc

Cast : Song Il Gook, Park Jin Hee, Lee Dae Geun, Kang Shin Il, Jung Ae Ri

bercerita mengenai suatu Restoran / Rumah makan yang mungkin tema nya mirip dengan Raymun Shop / Ramen Shop. Film Terbaru dari Song Ill Gook dan Park Jin Hee ini sendiri pada awalnya bercerita tentang restoran terkenal di Korea bernama Chunjiin, yang dikenal dengan kimchi disnya. Ki Ho Tae (diperankan oleh Song Ill Gook) mulai bekerja di restoran tersebut.

Ki Ho Tae merupakan anak yatim piatu yang ditinggal mati oleh kedua orang tuanya ketika berusia 4 Tahun. Pada usia 18 Tahun Ki Ho Tae mulai terlibat dengan mafia. Ketika boss mafia nomor 1 dilarikan ke Rumah Sakit, Boss Mafia Nomor 2 lah yang memimpin kelompok mafia tersebut. Boss nomor 2 ini memulai bisnis peminjaman uang yang tidak disukai oleh Ki Ho Tae. Pada suatu hari Ki Ho tae pergi ke Restoran Western dimana Lee Kang Sang (diperankan oleh Park Jin Hee) bekerja. Ki Ho Tae datang untuk menagih utang seseorang yang meminjamkan uang pada kelompok mafia tersebut. Ki Ho Tae mengingatkan bahwa tenggat waktu pembayaran tinggal 2 hari dengan semua bunganya.Kemudian Ki Ho Tae komplain dengan salad yang dibuat oleh Lee Kang Sang,dia mengatakan bahwa salad tersebut harganya terlalu mahal dan terlalu manis. Penambahan Vinegar mungkin akan membuat rasa salad ini lebih baik.

Fabulous 30


Cast : Pachrapa Chaichua, Peter Corp Dyrendal

Ja, a beautiful woman, has everything a woman is supposed to dream of having; a successful career, a partying lifestyle, and a handsome sweetheart. On her 30th birthday, Ja finds her perfect life changed when her boyfriend wants to halt the relationship. Now, at thirty-something, Ja accepts a happy single life until a new guy gets in her life and he’s 7 years younger than her.


Drama - Thriller

Cast : Ralph Fiennes, Gerard Butler and Brian Cox

The citizens of Rome are hungry. Coriolanus, the hero of Rome, a great soldier and a man of inflexible self-belief despises the people. His extreme views ignite a mass riot. Rome is bloody. Manipulated and out-maneuvered by politicians and even his own mother Volumnia, Coriolanus is banished from Rome. He offers his life or his services to his sworn enemy Tullus Aufidius.

My 19 Year Old Sister-in-Law


4 Disc

Cast : Jung Da-bin, Kim Min-hee, Kim Jaewon, Yoon Kye-sang

The story revolves around Yoo-min, a 19 year old poor orphan who lives with her adoptive brother, Kang-pyo. She meets Ming-jae, a practising physician, and instantly falls in love with him, but at the same time, she has met Seung-jae, who has a crush on her and turns to be doctor Ming-jae’s brother.

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Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1

Adventure - Drama - Fantasy


Cast : Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner

The Quileutes close in on expecting parents Edward and Bella, whose unborn child poses a threat to the Wolf Pack and the towns people of Forks.

My Week with Marilyn

Biography - Drama

Cast : Michelle Williams, Eddie Redmayne and Kenneth Branagh

Sir Laurence Olivier is making a movie in London. Young Colin Clark, an eager film student, wants to be involved and he navigates himself a job on the set. When film star Marilyn Monroe arrives for the start of shooting, all of London is excited to see the blonde bombshell, while Olivier is struggling to meet her many demands and acting ineptness, and Colin is intrigued by her. Colin’s intrigue is met when Marilyn invites him into her inner world where she struggles with her fame, her beauty and her desire to be a great actress.

Legend of the Military Seal


5 Disc

Cast : Yang Mi, Feng Shao Feng, Tang Yi Fei, Chen Bao Guo

raja xin ling adalah yang paling perkasa di antara 4 raja lain nya pada jaman peperangan di tiongkok kuno. dan dia jatuh cinta dengan seorang wanita cantik yang bernama ruji(yang mi), tapi akhirnya Ru ji menikah dengan raja dari negri WEI ,Raja An Xi. karena tidak bisa hidup sebagai selir dia akhirnya melepaskan semua kemewahan yang di terima nya , tanpa di sadari di masa depan dia akan menjadi salah satu wanita yang turut mengubah sejarah di negeri china.

Color Of Woman


4 Disc

Cast : Yoon So Yi, Lee Soo Kyung, Jae Hee, Shim Ji Ho, Kim Byung Se, Sung Dong Il, Jun Soo Kyung

Byun So Ra (diperankan oleh Yoon So Yi) berasal dari latar belakang biasa, tapi dia bekerja sangat keras. Dia kemudian dikhianati oleh pacarnya dan impiannya menjadi seorang profesor gagal. Byun So-Ra kemudian bergabung dengan perusahaan kosmetik dan dia juga bertemu dengan saingan dengan siapa dia bentrokan di perusahaan kosmetik.
Jae Hee akan memainkan orang terkemuka, Yoon Joon Soo. Karakter-Nya adalah chaebol tampan, cerdas, dan berbakat, karena dia kepala dari perusahaan kosmetik.

99 days with the Superstar


3 Disc

Cast : Hidetoshi Nishijima, Kim Tae-Hee, TaecYeon, Nanami Sakuraba, Jun Kaname, Hideo Ishiguro, Mitsuko Baisho, Mayumi Asaka

Drama ini adalah tentang seorang superstar di Korea yang disebut “The Beach” (diperankan oleh Kim Tae-hee) telah jatuh cinta dengan pengawal Jepang “Cohen” (diperankan oleh Nick. Chi Chi).
Taecyeon sebagai seorang misterius yang disebut “Gunung Song,” yang memegang rahasia besar. Dan yang dapat mempengaruhi hubungan ternak di Lembah Harapan. Beberapa peristiwa di masa lalu, satu-satunya kasus untuk meninggalkan mimpinya, namun hanya sebuah amplop dengan “Mo Mo” (diperankan oleh Chiba di Tokyo), dia membuatnya mengejar impian lagi. Kita perlu melihat alasan sama sekali untuk membuat karakter saling berhubungan. Mungkin tentang kecemburuan hubungan Mo Mo Na dan Cohen itu.

The Adventures of Tintin

Animation - Action - Adventure

Cast : Jamie Bell, Andy Serkis and Daniel Craig

Intrepid reporter Tintin and Captain Haddock set off on a treasure hunt for a sunken ship commanded by Haddock's ancestor

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The Ghost Killer


Cast : Kasap Champadip, Jeffrey Benjakul, Yoko Takano, Arisara Wongchalee, Jejintai Antimanon

Choed and Chai are hitmen who has been hired by Yad to kill her husband in order to get his life insurance. But the husband is not easily killed because he is also a witch doctor who possesses many magical spells and has several evil spirits which protects him.

Jack and Jill


Cast : Adam Sandler, Katie Holmes and Al Pacino

ack Sadelstein (Adam Sandler) is a successful advertising executive in Los Angeles with a beautiful wife (Katie Holmes) and kids, who dreads one event each year: the Thanksgiving visit of his identical twin sister Jill (also Adam Sandler). Jill’s neediness and passive-aggressiveness is maddening to Jack, turning his normally tranquil life upside down.

Dragon Age Redemption

Fantasy - Adventure - Action

Cast : Felicia Day, David Ury, Masam Holden, Toneey Acevedo

Dragon Age – Redemption is a six-part webseries based on the BioWare video game series of the same name. It is created by and stars Felicia Day, creator and star of the webseries The Guild. Day is playing Tallis, an Elven assassin. Filming began in early January 2011 and Day has enlisted the help of many prior Hollywood acquaintances.

Another Brilliant Life

Drama - Romance

5 Disc

Cast : Kiton Jiang, Park Hae-Jin, Qiao Qiao, Han Chengyu, Huang Jianqun, Shen Wenxi, Cheung Tat-Ming, Xia Tian

A superstar and a pauper’s lives are switched after an accident. One will become a celebrity & the other a noodle shop waiter. A loss of memory, a change of identity, put them tangled in a story of love and success that’s not their own.


Comedy - Drama - Music

Casts : Kenny Wormald, Julianne Hough and Dennis Quaid

City kid Ren MacCormack moves to a small town where rock ‘n’ roll and dancing have been banned, and his rebellious spirit shakes up the populace.